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YOSHIKI has donated 10 million yen (approximately $ 100,000) to the National Center for Global Health and Medicine through its non-profit organization Yoshiki Foundation America 501 (c) (3).

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine researches infectious diseases and autoimmune diseases, including the coronavirus. The organization's Center Hospital is the National Center's only general hospital and has most accommodations for certain infectious diseases.

With the world in chaos due to the spread of the corona virus, YOSHIKI has stressed on social media how important it is to deal with the corona virus properly before Japan declared a state of emergency. Now that there are over 10,000 coronavirus cases in Japan, the health system is likely to collapse. Fearing this situation, YOSHIKI made donations to support health care providers at the forefront.

YOSHIKI commented on the donation:

“In America, where I live, there have been over 40,000 coronavirus deaths. It is so sad. I have heard that the virus has unfortunately spread to Japan.

It makes me sad that people who work in the entertainment industry, including myself, as well as people from many other industries, are economically and mentally stressed because nobody knows when things will calm down.

However, I believe that the people we should support are the healthcare workers who treat coronavirus patients while we speak. I wanted to support as much as possible.

I want people, including myself, to remember that the actions of those who can endure staying at home contribute thousands of times more to healthcare workers than what I have donated.

I will also do my best as a musician to support people. "

The National Center for Global Health and Medicine commented on YOSHIKI's donation as follows:

“Our center aims to contribute to the health and well-being of people in Japan and around the world through the areas of medical care, research, education and international cooperation.

Our mission includes identifying, evaluating, preventing, diagnosing and developing the latest treatments for infectious diseases and other diseases, and promoting the development of medical care and equipment to enable these treatments to be used in clinical locations.

We believe that YOSHIKI supported exactly this. Our employees will continue their dedicated efforts to overcome the critical situation that Japan is facing today. "

In March, the Japanese rock star donated $ 100,000 to the COVID-19 Relief Fund in the United States, founded by the Recording Academy / GRAMMYs and its non-profit foundation MusiCares, to help musicians and professionals affected by the coronavirus pandemic are.

In addition, this year alone, YOSHIKI donated 10 million yen (approximately $ 100,000) to the Japanese Red Cross to commemorate the ninth anniversary of the earthquake in Great East Japan, and donated a total of $ 24,000 to the Meals on Wheels stores in Los Angeles for seniors who are affected by the coronavirus situation. YOSHIKI also donated a total of $ 100,000 to Australian Wildfire Relief and the Rainforest Trust. He has supported numerous other humanitarian causes, including the $ 100,000 donation to disaster relief for Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas in 2017.

YOSHIKI was recently interviewed by BBC News about the COVID 19 pandemic and worked with Bono, will.i.am and Jennifer Hudson to create the hopeful new song "# SING4LIFE".

He recently spoke to Nobel laureate Shinya Yamanaka (Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine and director of the Center for iPS Cell Research) to discuss global health concerns. The video was streamed worldwide on Yoshiki Channel International and is now available on YouTube:

Yoshiki Foundation America: https://www.yoshikifoundationamerica.org
Official YOSHIKI website: https://www.yoshiki.net


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