Buried Treasure: TXT – Drama

Most of the time, the title track of a K-pop group is the best song on their album. But sometimes B-sides also deserve recognition. In the single-oriented world of K-Pop, I want to highlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

I wouldn't normally show a buried treasure on the same day as a title track review, but Can't You See Me vs. In contrast, drama is such a study that it seemed appropriate to write about the two songs in a row. With a bit of luck, I'll call Drama a title track in a few weeks anyway, because Big Hit comes to its senses and TXT has it advertised as the successor. Just put that out there!

If that wish came true, drama would rule right next to the mighty Crown and Run Away to form a trilogy worthy of TXT's immense promise. I keep making harp because I want more bright pop songs, but that doesn't mean they have to be cute or youthful. Drama is not a step backwards for the group, but it contains so many ingredients that I missed in K-Pop this year. The energy has a certain swing. It has the spark of rhythm. You can actually dance to it! And it never retreats to an unnecessarily moody calm.

Better still, drama contains honest verses that are as catchy as (if not more catchy than) his chorus. I cannot stress enough how refreshing this will be in 2020. Verses have become a lost art in K-Pop, trying to do too much and too little at the same time.

Although not quite as melodically robust as I would have liked, Drama's choir pulsates with an addictive energy. This is the kind of song I want to hear in a concert – not a sleepy lament. For me, trap is the opposite of groove, and luckily there isn't one here. Instead, it's drama all Groove, from the shimmering rhythm guitar to pulsating keys and solemn percussion. The rousing bridge brings this even more into focus and provides the kind of moment when you just feel great.

You've been suffering from my complaints about dark, dark group prices for boys for months. Well, drama is the antidote. These I want boy groups to publish more. these is what TXT does best and these should have been the damn title track.

hook 9
production 10th
longevity 9
Preload 9

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