Song Review: REDSQUARE – Color Full

It was quite a week for girl group debuts, wasn't it? REDSQUARE is the third new act in forty-eight hours. And how woo! Ah! and Secret Number, they come from a relatively small agency without the clout that would give them instant success. But of the three groups, they delivered the most unique and addictive track.

Color Full is a lame word game, but that's neither here nor there when it comes to the quality of the song. The opening bars didn't fill me with much hope as the girls rattled through a list of colors to fortify themselves. It's a nice feeling, but more than a bit on the nose. Luckily, this moment of catching up is underlined by a satisfying pop stomp that proves that REDSQUARE doesn't take themselves too seriously. And given the political connotations of their group name, that's probably a good thing.

Anyway, the rest of Color Full is a joy. The throbbing instrumental is surprisingly hearty and brings along piano and funky synth without ever sacrificing his clobber beat. There are some nice ad libs, both spoken and sung. And the vowel arrangement is very nice – especially if it overlays the voices of the girls during the chorus. The melody never builds on a really outstanding moment, but remains coherent and catchy all the way through and even leaves room for a few great power notes. If we want to score, Color Full with CRAXY's Aria is just right for my favorite girl group debut 2020.

hook 8th
production 9
longevity 9
Preload 8th

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