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A nocturne is a song for the night that captures moments of darkness and moonlight. However, this simple description contains a surprising variety of different interpretations. Does "night" allude to dark nights that were sleepless and spent alone? Or dirty alleys full of shadows? What about passion and love in a quiet world in the moonlight? What does "night" really mean?

In this album "night" is all of that and much more.

Nu’est’s new album The Nocturne takes full advantage of the ambiguity of the night and plunges into countless possibilities that produce a far-reaching, yet coherent album. The Nocturne follows a romance from its peak to its final demise. The love story of Nu & # 39; est grows and fades like the moon, cutting a slow arc towards destruction. With every step, Nu’est provides a new perspective on the concept of nighttime.

The album begins with a strong, steady relationship. In "Moon Dance" Nu & # 39; s vocals float against a backdrop of atmospheric synthesizers and imitate the calm beauty of moonlit midnight. They beg their loved ones to stay and dance at night:

The moonlight falls and shines on you and me
Just don't get carried away, adjust your time to me
The place my feet are heading for is you

The impressive images give "Moon Dance" a feeling of refinement. Nu & # 39; est urges her lover to "close the curtains" and dance, which can be an artful clue to sex. Since the lyrics are never explicit and instead contain sultry hints, the sensuality of the song looks elegant. "Moon Dance" shows the sophistication of the night: silver light, dancing silhouettes and midnight romance.

The song's musical choices go well with its graceful lyrics. The verses meander and never take on a distinctive shape that creates an aura of mysticism. The choir reverberates with a stronger melody, accompanied by reverberating synths. However, this refrain is repeated very often: Nu & # 39; est sings four times "Dancing in the moonlight", without variations in the melody. The biggest weakness of the song is its too simple chorus. Without a complex hook, "Moon Dance" is pleasant and polished, but ultimately unforgettable.

Nu & # 39; est's nightly love story continues in "I'm in trouble". While "Moon Dance" is stately and endearing, "I & # 39; m In Trouble" has a darker edge.

Even words you say unwanted
Drive me crazy
Oh, I'm in trouble

Nu & # 39; est are so excited about their passion that they come too close to obsession. You were too difficult. Nu & # 39; est can't stop thinking about her lover, to the point that they don't care "whether tomorrow is ruined". This once beautiful love story has taken a dark and reckless turn. "I'm in trouble" shows a second characteristic of the night: danger.

Musically speaking, "I & # 39; m In Trouble" remains well in Nu & # 39; es established sound. The song begins with a plucked guitar and then blossoms into a rhythmic mix of pulsating bass and constant percussion. As in "Moon Dance", the refrain is a disappointment. It mainly consists of a sequence of three descending notes that are repeated over and over again. But because the song has a strong sense of rhythm and pulse, "I'm In Trouble" succeeds despite its lackluster refrain. The groove is just too hard to resist.

In the next song, "Firework," Nu & # 39; s relationship has developed to an even more precarious stage. Nu & # 39; est is no longer conscious enough to recognize how obsessed they are, and instead celebrates the intensity of their passion. But this passion will soon be their downfall. They sing:

Feels like fireworks
Borrow all the time starting tomorrow
To make this time endless before dawn

Nu & # 39; es love burns as bright and strong as red-gold fireworks. Just as fireworks are clearly outlined against the dark sky, Nu & # 39; es feelings are obvious to her lover. But fireworks go out after just a few moments. Nu & # 39; est insists that this beautiful, colorful night feels "never ending", but they cannot avoid the reality that dawn is coming. When the night ends, their relationship will also end.

As an independent song, "Firework" is an impressive piece of delirious pop. But in the full context of The Nocturne, the song seems a lot less happy. This complexity makes "Firework" so convincing – the song is tragic in its dizzying happiness.

The joyful choir, which is brisk with falsetto, is a lie. The post-chorus hook with its beautiful melody is a self-delusion. "Fireworks" brims with exciting production, but his lyrics show the transience of the night – just like fireworks and night, love is fleeting. Nu & # 39; est's relationship, like fireworks, is unsustainable.

When Nu & # 39; est starts singing "Back to Me", the fireworks disappeared without a trace. Your lover has gone. Thanks to its unforgettable refrain, “Back to Me” is an outstanding album. Baekho particularly impressed; During the chorus, his baritone voice pulsates with sadness. This song goes well with the lush soundscapes of the previous tracks and uses a rippling synth loop.

That night when something went wrong
I woke up, I woke up, I woke up
Everything about you
Feels like a dream
It was a nice dream
Will i ever be able to return?

Nu & # 39; est are "back to me", back to being alone. You're stuck with fading memories and intangible dreams instead of a flesh and blood lover. In this song, the members of Nu & # 39; est embody the loneliness of the night. The moonlit dancing, the dangerous obsession and the euphoric fireworks are a thing of the past. Nu & # 39; est is now struggling with the breakup and hopes that one day her lover will "come back to me".

Nu & # 39; est stay lonely in "Must" and remember how wonderful their relationship was.

Everything that felt so natural
For example, how the night sky is black
I realized that they are so important to me, I miss you

Nu & # 39; est took her lover for granted, just as we take the night sky for granted. Here they use the night to show that not everything is always the way we want it to be. At night alone, Nu & # 39; est think about her gratitude and her ongoing feelings for her late lover. Nu & # 39; est begin to break free from their failed relationship, even if they mourn. Must "has the strongest lyrics of all songs on the album and balances several complex emotions: heartbreak, loss, love and gratitude.

However, the music is nowhere near as interesting as the lyrics. "Must" is pleasant, like most ballads, but passes by without leaving a lasting impression. Fans of the ballad genre may find much to love here, but there is nothing particularly striking for other listeners. The song consists of an uninspired melody that melts into a listless piano arrangement. It's pretty sure. Is it unforgettable? No. In this regard, "Must" is indeed perfect for the night – it makes me sleep.

The last song on the album, "Shooting Star", breaks with the established story arc. This song is not the next step in Nuest & # 39; s damn romance. Instead, it's a fan song.

Six beautiful lights, yes
Become one and shine down on us, yes
On the poem we fill in line by line

Nu & # 39; est has only five members, which means fans are the sixth shooting star. The images of lights in a dark sky suggest glow sticks at a concert – here the metaphor of the night conveys the sweetness of Nu & # 39; es relationship with her fans. They thank their fans for being a “heat source”.

"Shooting Star" seems a bit irritating at first because its lyrics represent a dramatic change compared to the previous songs. The album begins with a happy love story that moves towards instability and loneliness. It feels strange to end this tragic story arc with a happy call to the fans. But with repeated listening, the charms of this song melt quickly. Nu’est decided to end a sad album with a hopeful, soothing song. No matter how it feels, there is no denying that this last song has a comfort factor.

The production of the song only reinforces this feeling of goodwill. "Shooting Star" has the lyrical complexity of "Must", but also has a dynamic melody and arrangement. The song uses hand gossip percussion with great impact and evokes images of fans singing together with Nu & # 39; est. The hand claps in connection with glow sticks are the perfect tribute to the fans of Nu & # 39; est. In this sense, "Shooting Star" is the perfect end to a solid album. It doesn't fit Nu & # 39; es story of a failed romance, but it does provide a satisfactory ending.

The Nocturne is somewhat clouded by weak choruses in the first third of the album. In addition, "Must" and "Shooting Star" feel slightly irritating because their musical and lyrical content doesn't go very well with the rest of the tracks.

Overall, however, the strengths of the album are far more numerous than its weaknesses. Nu & # 39; est portrays a whirlwind of different ideas: elegant moonlight, creeping darkness, short-lived fireworks, lonely nights, deep introspection and finally calming stars. And all in a single mini album. The Nocturne is a convincing foray through all things that have to do with the night. Because of its range, it is all the more impressive.

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