Wasuta 5th anniversary

The Japanese idol group Wasuta ("The World Standard") gave their 5th anniversary concert on March 28, 2020 and broadcast the event to a worldwide audience from LINE CLUB SHIBUYA.

The live event titled "Wasuta 5 sai ni narimashita!" ("Wasuta turned 5 years old!") Was performed in an empty place with colorful balloons on the seats, where the fans would have cheered on the group at the sold-out celebration.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, Wasuta announced the cancellation of the live audience and switched to a worldwide livestream broadcast on the Avex platform "mu-mo LIVE".

Wasuta played her complete set as planned with several costume changes, special videos and background music from the NEKONOTE BAND.

Wasuta 5th anniversary

Wasuta 5th anniversary

Wasuta sang hits from her recently released Wasuta BEST album, such as the anime themes "Saijoukyuu Paradox" (Idol Time PriPara) and "Kira Kira Hologram" (Kiratto Pri ☆ chan). The idol group also played a medley of their popular video game themed "Uru Choco Trilogy" and delivered the first live performance of "Ima wa Mukashi" from the self-titled first album.

The fans cheered Wasuta in real time on Twitter, and the members took out their smartphones during the MC to read comments to the cameras and expressed their emotional thanks for the huge amount of support.

Leader Nanase Hirokawa concluded the main performance with the words: “So many things have changed in the past five years, but together with the same five members we celebrated our 5th anniversary. I hope that all of you will continue to support us in our sixth year! "

Wasuta 5th anniversary

Wasuta's first "best" album, Wasuta BEST – including the new song "Grapefruit Moon" – is now streamed worldwide.

Wasuta- "Grapefruit Moon" (MV)

Wasuta "Wasuta 5 sai ni narimashita!"
Live concert for the 5th anniversary
03/28/2020 at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA
Set list:
1st overture
2. Chiisana Chiisana
3. Inu Neko. Seishun Massakari
4. Tapioca milk tea
6. Doki Doki ♡ today
7. Melt love
8. Standalone complex
9. Ima wa Mukashi
10. Kitto for you!
11. Kimi Koi telepathy
12.- Medley –
* Kanzen naru idol
* Yuumei ni, Nyaritai。
* Just be yourself
* New Nyakunyakunya Suizokukan 2
* Taishi o Dake! Galbi (girls are) ambitious!
* Ran Ran Jidai
* Zili Zili love
13. Bathtub aromatic
15.- Uru Choco trilogy –
* Ultra Miracle-Cle Final Ultimate Choco Beam
* Kurae! Hissatsu! Neko Punch ★
* Mera Nyaizer !!!!! ~ kimi ni a ge u ~
* Ultra Miracle-Cle Final Ultimate Choco Beam
16. KIRA KIRA hologram
17. Saijoukyuu paradox
18. Grapefruit moon
19. Chiisana Chiisana – 2020 ver.
20. Wonderful world
21. Shani Muni Ikiru!

Wasuta best

Wasuta official website: http://wa-suta.world
YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/Wasuta_YouTube
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tws.wasuta
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tws_staff
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/wasuta.world
Spotify: http://bit.ly/Wasuta_Spotify
Apple Music: http://bit.ly/Wasuta_iTunes

Official Wasuta fan club: https://waship.world
(* SoftBank, DOCOMO or Au users)

The World Standard a.k.a "Wasuta" was founded in March 2015 with the aim of introducing the Japanese idol culture "kawaii" worldwide via social media and live showcases.

The five members of Wasuta are:
Hazuki (pastel yellow)
Nanase (pastel green, leader)
Miri (pastel purple)
Ririka (pastel blue)
Ruka (pastel pink)

Since her debut in 2015, Wasuta has released 3 albums, 3 mini albums, 5 CD singles, 5 digital singles, 2 live albums, 1 best album and a live Blu-ray concert from her first nationwide tour of Japan.

In addition to her regular appearances across Japan, Wasuta has also been active worldwide, performing at music events in Canada, China, France, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

Wasuta has featured songs for several anime series, including Kiratto Pri ☆ chan, Idol Time PriPara, Heybot !, PriPara film: Mi ~ nna de Kagayake! Kirarin ☆ Star Live !, and the official dance song for the cartoon series The Powerpuff Girls in Japan.

Wasuta's energetic kawaii style has led to collaborations with several top brands in Japan, including Sanrio Puroland, Tokyo Game Show, Hokkaido Resort Liner, Big Echo-Karaoke, POSME Idol Ambassadors (Shiseido cosmetics), RAGE E-Sports Tournament, The Alley (Boba tea) and Jamie Ank's 2019 spring fashion collection.

Wasuta published her first photo book "Wasuta – Wonderful Collection" in 2019 and her second photo book "1/5" in 2020 for the fifth anniversary. The group also hosted popular radio programs "World Standard Nippon" (FM 93) and "Wasuta" no World Standard Radio "(MBS).

In summer 2018 Wasuta worked with Adexe & Nau on a Japanese / Spanish remix of the single "Yo Quiero Vivir", which was viewed over 3 million times on YouTube.

With over 500,000 followers on social media, Wasuta members are currently learning foreign languages ​​to communicate directly with their global fans: Hazuki (Spanish), Nanase (English), Miri (Chinese), Ririka (English), Ruka (English).


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