Let’s Chill Indoors – Seoulbeats

It was a wild quarantine ride, even though we had fewer places. Although some places around the world are loosening up with restrictions, this step has only made us more uncertain. There are mixed opinions everywhere, while updated news only confuses us about what's really and what's not. But enough of politics or social issues – here's a cool playlist that you can turn on before you drop on your bed, think, and say nothing. As summer approaches, we should prepare for all ways to relax at home, starting with music.

Aside from the average current K-Pop playlist, I've mostly added hip-hop and underground genres to create a casual, lazy atmosphere. There are still known names like Jay Park, GroovyRoom, and Chungha, newer names like Leellamarz, Golden, and Summer soul Keep the mood alive with refreshing colors. I hope you will enjoy these newer artists and find innovative ways to relax at home in the summer too.


A 22 year old insomnia who enjoys writing stories from her constant train of thought. Graduated from creative writing and journalism, b / c frankly it was too difficult to choose. I would then write down my list of prejudices, but they change daily ~


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