The Top Ten Best Album Tracks by GOLDEN CHILD

This feature is usually reserved for more established groups, but Golcha does not yet have enough title tracks to warrant a countdown for the top ten singles, and I can definitely not let Road To Kingdom's grave injustice pass by without my current bias group in the spotlight to move.

If you are new to Golden Child, consider this a crash course that explains how many buried treasures are in your burgeoning discography. If you've been a fan since your debut, hopefully you're in the mood to celebrate your music this week. After all, we have a new comeback on the horizon!

I see you
With me
YTMOB (you make me baby)

10. Compass (2019)

Compass is often described as a healing song, and its gentle pop melody certainly calms you down. The track shimmers timelessly and melodically appealing. As usual, the group's vocals further enhance the song. (full review)

9. All day (2018)

An absolutely perfect pop ballad, powered by a beautiful vocal mix that uses the diverse tones of Golden Child. The arrangement of the bridge in the last chorus gives me goose bumps every time.

8. What happened? (2017)

The rap verses of the Golden Child tracks are rarely thoughtful or self-serious. Instead, they inject an incredibly pleasing burst of energy as a comic is brought to life. Happened's sledgehammer beat gives these lovable bumps plenty of opportunity to break through.

7.No matter what (Jangjun & Tag ft. Joochan) (2019)

My favorite among Golden Child's unit tracks, No Matter What, gives rapper Tag and Jangjun a lot to chew on thanks to an addictive EDM beat. As if that wasn't enough, lead vocalist Joochan threatens to steal the show with a hard chorus. (full review)

6. Sea (2017)

Pop songs that embody summer will always be very important to me, and Sea is a euphoric ode to warm weather and beach adventures. The central instrumental loop is pure jubilation, surrounded by bright melodies and playful rap verses.

5. Crush (2018)

Crush combines a strong pop rock stomp with a lot of personality. It is a perfect extension of the group's first class singles and offers a spark of charismatic energy and hooks on tightly stacked hooks.

4. She is my girl (2019)

She & # 39; s My Girl filters SHINees Sherlock's blatant funk through the skillful production of the talented Monotree team. The result is Golden Childs most aggressive wallop with breathtaking dance pop. (full review)

3. Lately (2019)

Yes, lately (slightly) she has the edge. She is my girl as my B-side of choice for the restart. The track is a chugging piece of disco power pop and has a welcome sense of refinement that Golden Child paints with a touch of royalty that is reminiscent of Infinite agency seniors. (full review)

2. Eyes on you (2018)

Eyes On You is Golden Child in its most chaser-like form and uses an inventive arrangement and a driving beat to forge a powerful explosion of glittering dance pop. Jangjun once described it as a "new sensation" and I totally agree. (full review)

1. I'm falling (2018)

I haven't always been my favorite Golden Child's B-side, but its simple pop appeal has only grown over time. It's a dynamic mix of strummy guitar pop and surging EDM anthem. The clear arrangement underlines the power of the group's singing and reaches its climax in a cathartic bridge that drives the drama to exhilarating heights. (full review)


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