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At the end of every month, I look back at my three favorite title tracks by K-Pop artists. I take my own ratings into account, but there is some leeway as certain songs tend to grow or fade.

May 2020 general thoughts

Well … I'm officially worried.

We are almost in the middle of the year and at this point it is hard not to imagine what an end-of-year list could look like. By the end of May 2019 we had heard of Miroh, Crown, Highway to Heaven, Dalla Dalla, Under Cover and Boy With Luv – with wave and side effects right around the corner. In 2018 we heard Good Evening, Lady, It & # 39; s U, Heroine, District 9, That Day and Baby Don & # 39; t Stop – only a few days away with Complete. That's eight of my ten best songs a year. 80%! This year I have… maybe two?… Songs that could threaten a top ten in a weak year.

2020 was more than weak. It was downright anemic. Disappointment after disappointment. Breakthrough after breakthrough. I'm starting to wonder if everyone else feels the groove and I'm the unusual one, but I don't think that's the case. Overall, 2019 was very strong and I was optimistic about this year. Eight months ago, I distributed 9+ reviews as if they were candy. I don't think I've rated a K-Pop title track above 8.75 since early March, with an endless excess of "meh" 7 and a worrying increase of 5 and 6.

May should have been great. We have had so many comebacks from groups that have done my countdowns in the past. TXT, Astro, NCT, DAY 6, Nu’est. Still, none of these cracked my top 3 picks of the month. In fact, only one made it to my honorable mentions! I am honestly shocked.

Let's talk about TXT for a moment. Until May they were by far my most anticipated comeback. They had two songs in my top 5 singles last year and were an easy choice for my favorite rookie of 2019. "Can't you see me?" For me it was the opposite of a breeder. I didn't love it on release day, but now there are parts that I find so blatant that I can hardly enjoy hearing them. Personally, I think this is the most outrageous loss of quality I've seen since the launch of this website, which is really sad. I hope this can change later in the year, but at the moment her comeback was easily my biggest disappointment in 2020.

My list of honorable mentions looks pretty robust this month, but that's only because so many songs have been released. However, I would like to point out some producers. Moon Jongup's headache and the fanatic's VAVI girl became real catchy tunes for me. The same goes for my number three, which quickly turned out to be more addictive than I first thought. It has actually brought KEEMBO's Sweetune-produced Scandalous to an honorable mention status, although I still quite like this song. It will be interesting to see how things go as these songs get older.

Since this has been such an overwhelming month, I expect my top 3 to become quite volatile over time. I have no idea if my top song will keep this place in a few weeks because I just didn't have enough time with it. My number two was a real surprise and one of the few May releases that were actually addicting the more I heard them. Nevertheless, none of these titles should be at the top of my year-end list – unless 2020 continues to be such a disappointment.

With a view to June and the sheer comeback on the horizon, we have the potential for 2020 to finally start. But every time I tried to be optimistic this year, the results have been disappointing. To thwart this curse, I'm just going to say that June is going to fuck. Prove me the opposite, K-Pop!

Monthly cumulative evaluation: 7.3

(compiled by averaging the scores of all K-Pop ratings this month)

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