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After long waiting Twice are back with their first Korean release in 2020, an EP and a title track titled "More & More". It follows last year's very successful "Fancy" and "Feel Special" as the third episode in a new, more mature chapter in the career of the nine members.

"More & More" is an optimistic, tropical house track by MNEK, Justin Tranter, Julia Michaels and Zara Larsson – any artist or composer who is well established in the western pop industry. So it's no wonder that the track is one of Twice's most westernized so far – instead of their usual catchy, melodic choir, they opt for a vocal chop instrumental breakdown that resembles many pop songs these days. Luckily, his MV with his psychedelic visualization and the reinterpretation of the biblical story of the Fall is of interest.

The text of “More & More” is all about temptation; in contrast to the shy, passive character found in songs like "What is Love?" and "Heart Shaker", in "More & More" they continue to be the confident pursuer introduced in songs like "Yes or Yes" and "Fancy":

Keep avoiding my eyes
Hide your heart
Run away from me, no no
When you open your eyes again
When you suddenly think of me again
You will be mine again

The MV is full of beautiful, summery pictures. The members dance in colorful, flowing boho fashion on glittering turquoise lakes. The narrative seems to be a loose reinterpretation of the story of Adam and Eve – at the beginning, the girls frolic in the utopian garden of Eden before a snake appears and tempts them to eat the forbidden fruit, in this case a red apple.

Specially, Nayeon, Mina and Dahyun are those who are shown how they eat the fruit from the tree before going through a mystical portal and discovering the "real" world – a breathtaking lake on the island of Jeju. In the original story, Adam and Eve were exiled from the Garden of Eden to the mortal world as punishment, but Twice's interpretation feels more like the miraculous discovery of a world more beautiful than they could have imagined – perhaps one Metaphor for falling in love. This could explain why they are walking from a small pool barely large enough for the nine to a huge lake as far as the eye can see, and from a dimly lit indoor area to a sunny outdoor area.

Although they seem to play the role of Eva in the MV, are tempted to eat the apple and to be transported to another world, the lyrics are from the opposite perspective of the less than innocent attempt:

I've always been a greedy person, if you didn't know, I'm sorry
I will apologize in advance because I want you more
You don't have to hear your thoughts, I'll steal your heart
You will be enchanted by me, you can not say no no
I am a cat thief, I came to catch you
So wait right there
Don't go far, come to me, come, come

This, along with the sinister red flashes that are scattered all over the place, adds a subtle hint that they could actually represent the snake, and seduces the listener into wanting "ever more". A particularly interesting note is the difference between the two group shots at the beginning and at the end – at the beginning they wear pale, flowing robes, sit in the garden in daylight, but in the end they wear brightly colored clothes in the garden at night. The three members who eat the apples wear their outfits from the first scene, suggesting that they are submitting to temptation and turning into night in the garden for the day.

While "Fancy" and "Feel Special" opted for warm colors such as pink and rich gold, "More & More" has a lively yet pleasantly cool tropical color palette, which is anchored by the deep forest green of the fantastic garden. The most striking and memorable scenes are the two in which they dance on the water – the beginning of the song when they dance in a tight formation on a small turquoise pool and later swim on the set in the middle of the lake.

The first is magical, with a dreamy haze created by the sparkle of the water and hanging jewels. The latter is euphoric, with the (currently dazzling but unmistakably summery) shimmer of the sun that is reflected by the floating set. Outdoor water sets feel like a little used element in MVs these days, but they make it more and more pleasant to see them.

The MV is also one of Twice's first to deal with psychedelic visual effects, with sequences of trippy transitions, double image effects and bright, saturated colors in the "more and more" segments of the song. While some parts like Dahyun's rap section are fascinating, there are some moments that feel a bit sticky, such as: Chaeyeong"So again" – the double vision effect feels more like the comedic meme vision of BTS " "Idol" as a hypnotizing hallucination.

Likewise, the purple room where they perform some of the dance scenes feels more like an alien bedroom than a Greek goddess's private pool – the glaring Barney-the-Dinosaur purple used in these scenes doesn't fit good to the rest of the color palette. There's also a white set for them to take the break from – the dancing itself is great, but the white and gold outfits along with the tinsel-like decorations feel a bit too much like Christmas in an otherwise summer MV.

Overall, "More & More" is a song that was saved by his MV. Based on the song's dramatic verses and summer tropical house refrain, they created a visually beautiful video that takes Twice's MV work to new heights, especially with the psychedelic visual effects and unusually abstract concept and narrative. "More & More" adds depth and meaning where the song was lacking and paves the way for Twice to adopt darker and more mature MV concepts in the future – and judging by the dark end of this song, these won't be too far away .

(YouTube (1). Pictures via JYP Entertainment. Text via Pop! Gasa.)


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