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Rooted for Cho Seungyoun during his time at Produce X 101 (and experienced the sadness that everyone felt as X1 I was really looking forward to the revival of his career as Woodz now that he had a larger fan base. While his previous releases under the Woodz name were laid-back and relaxing tracks, his last album Equal forgets all of that and shouts a word: sex.

The album is not slippery or rude or dirty on the outside, but the tracks have a sensual tone, and the lyrics mostly suggest a form of pushing and pulling between the two parties while there is sexual tension between the two. Artists have already released songs that touch sensuality and sexuality – some examples are Woosung"Face" and Baekhyun"Diamond" – but these songs are usually separate songs, and we rarely hear songs with the same atmosphere.

However, "Accident", "Love Me Harder" and "Waikiki" continually evoke sensuality by highlighting the underlying sexual tension that occurs in two parties playing push and pull. All three songs have a different story behind the tension, but one thing is consistent: the sexual tension and sensuality that comes with a game of chasing and distracting.

"Accident" examines a toxic relationship in which one party intentionally injured the other but acted as an accident, and the injured party willingly accepts the alleged accident as truth. You may be thinking: what's so sexy about it – it's literally a toxic relationship? Right, but it's the desperation and desire of the injured party to please that make the song sexy.

The lyrics suggest that the injured party is being pushed and pulled away by his lover at the same time, and the idea that if you are so close to getting your prize away from you will make the price look even more attractive. In a way, sadomasochistic tendencies are shown in this song, with the injured party being the masochist in this situation.

You see me falling in the night
I really want to see you again
Oh that's what you want
Girl, I don't want you to break me
Yes, I know it's an accident
Not your fault

It didn't really help that the stage for "Accident" was one of the most sensual performances I've ever seen. Red lights were used at the end of the performance when Woodz was carried to the back of the stage and placed on the floor. The performance ends with the dancers dropping petals on him, almost as if this would suggest that he is closely related to this relationship and his innocence was spoiled.

"Love Me Harder" makes this cat and mouse game better known, especially when it comes to the two contrasting colors red and blue. The song essentially focuses on how his lover makes him feel and how their love is unique in the sense that it is not a fiery glowing kind of love. Rather, your love is blue; It's cool, collected, and yet full of passion like any other kind of romance.

The whistle and strong bass line imply a feeling of playfulness and fun in a fast moving environment where both parties have to be on the go all the time. This hunt only stokes their passion for each other, and it's the kind of passion that probably won't end with a little kiss on the lips.

On the other hand, Waikiki is not so much about the pulling side of the game. Instead, it tries to get the listener to loosen up and accept the underlying sexual tension. The song definitely sounds more relaxed, almost as if it were in a constant state of bliss. Everything about the song helps relieve the stress associated with reluctance and reluctance, and it focuses on simply enjoying the joys you currently have.

Even setting the song allows the song to feel more relaxed, with the idea of ​​being on an island after sunset, but you can still hear the sound of waves hitting the short before it dies away. Despite the more relaxed atmosphere, there is definitely still sexual tension, and this can be seen in the melody of the song. The use of Hall along with Woodz & # 39; high tone and Colde"Waikiki" is a sexy melody for the ears.

Although these three songs definitely have sexual tensions in their lyrics, it is also worth noting that two other songs, "Lift Up" and "Noid", also create a sensual atmosphere musically. Lyrically, both songs speak about Woodz’s journey and struggles as an artist – they express his concern about his future, but are also excited to start a new chapter in his career. You're not exactly conventionally sexy, but a man who is confident and vulnerable seems to me to be pretty sexy.

Reverb is used a lot in the first five tracks of the album, and the strong bass lines that the tracks have add to the sensual nature of the song. Woodz also switches effortlessly between his head voice and his chest voice. While this shows its duality as a singer, it also adds textures to the songs so that the songs can take on a more sultry atmosphere. This was one of the reasons why I found his voice so attractive when listening to "Lift Up" and "Noid" because it contained a hint of confidence and sultry that made it difficult for me to resist moving my hips .

The last two tracks, "Buck" and "Memories", feel out of place in the album because they don't have the same tension as the previous five. In fact, I think "Buck" was the hardest to hear for me since it followed "Waikiki". The relaxed mood that "Waikiki" had was immediately removed when "Buck" came in like a sudden surge of energy, and it was quite irritating and off-putting to listen.

Aside from the order of the track lists, "Buck" is optimistic, funny, and in a good way extremely high-spirited, but it also serves as a warning from Woodz itself. The lyrics remind him to live life to the fullest and not to be influenced by wrong opportunities and people. It encourages us to live out our youth as best we can without worrying about things like money now. I wish this song had been released earlier – I won't be a teenager in two weeks and you're only telling me this now ?! Jokes, jokes, but please remember to get the most out of your youth, kids.

Don't go for money
Deceived by false life and lies
We know we need more money
But time is still running

The last song, "Memories", is like a breath of fresh air. Although I said it was pretty out of place among a number of songs that were so sexually charged, the gentle ballad allowed the listener to release all the tension that was built up from the first song. "Memories" pays homage to the two groups to which Woodz belonged: Uniq and X1.

Although Uniq has not been officially dissolved, two years have passed since its last release as a group. Since then, the members have gone their own way, being the most prominent being Wang Yibo and his acting career. "Memories" reflect the experiences Woodz has had with these two groups and promise to be reunited one day.

By opening the song with the sound of the piano, the song already creates a bittersweet feeling, as if one were saying that there was so much potential in both groups that unfortunately did not do it justice. The general mood of the song is definitely sentimental and bittersweet, and Woodz & # 39; soothing vocals really express that emotion.

Since the tracks before that contained a lot of energy and excitement, "Memories" was a good way to close the album and ask the listener for more. Although the song was much softer compared to the other tracks, it doesn't take away the effect of the other tracks, which makes it easier for me to come back and listen to it at any time.

Every time Woodz makes a comeback, I really don't know what to expect. I had expected something positive with Equal, but I still hoped that there would be tracks like "Different" and "Meaningless". What I got instead for a whole lot of sexual tensions that I definitely don't complain about. Not knowing what Woodz will release next is very exciting because this element of surprise makes you want more.

Do you agree that Woodz & # 39; Equal had a touch of sensuality and sexual tension, or am I just sexually disadvantaged?

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