SUMMER OF K-POP: Girl’s Day – Darling

There are few things that I enjoy more than a great summer song. They are bright, they are exciting and they remind me of my favorite time of the year.

There is no telling what this summer will bring to K-Pop, but for the next few weeks I will look back every day and present a highlight from past summers. The rules are simple: I start my carefully compiled playlist "K-Pop Summer", press "Shuffle" and if the title that appears has not yet been published on the website, it receives a contribution and a brief overview of its own.

So get ready for a summer with K-Pop on the Bias List!

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ONF – Original (2017)

Original was known to the ONF fans before the group's debut and acts as the perfect calling card for the sound they would bring to K-Pop. The track plays in a penetrating electronic rhythm and has a nimble drive that remains constant throughout the run. The chorus is a special highlight and depends on an extraordinary synth loop that echoes the catchy chorus of the group. The drums work their way into a glorious frenzy and generate incredible energy, while Original heads for his outstanding rap bridge and explosive finale. Although it was never advertised as a title track, it remains one of the group's best songs.

hook 9
production 10th
longevity 9
Preload 10th


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