Buried Treasure: SF9 – Go High

Most of the time, the title track of a K-pop group is the best song on their album. But sometimes B-sides also deserve recognition. In the single-oriented world of K-Pop, I want to highlight some of these buried treasures and give them the props they deserve.

Although I would hesitate to call SF9's 9loryUS a "summer" album, it is full of fast-paced dance pieces that are well suited for the season. It is also the group's most consistent release for some time. Apart from (maybe) the title track, I don't think there are songs that really approach excellence. There's always something small that holds them back, and it usually depends on the melody. When we hear an outstanding chorus (All Day All Night), it is undercut by lackluster, energy-absorbing verses.

Go High (미친 것처럼) best reproduces the intensity of Summer Breeze from all B-sides. His booming electro beat reminds me of Brave sound tracks like Teen Top & # 39; s Rocking and emphasizes the lower end of the instrumental for a production that sounds imposing and powerful. I love how the beat never stutters at half time. Even if most of the elements for the bridge are filtered out, the pace remains lively and exciting. K-Pop could take more of this relentless energy.

Melodically speaking, there is not much to do. A great, imaginative chorus would have driven this track up. Instead, the song anchors itself with a multi-layered, wordless chorus, followed by an attitude song. The result is exciting and matches the mood of the track, but feels like a missed opportunity. Nevertheless, Go High is an exciting reminder of past K-Pop years when there were no traps and EDM meant more "dance" than moody instrumental drops.

hook 8th
production 9
longevity 9
Preload 9

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