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Since starting The Bias List in January 2016, I've looked back at my three favorite K-Pop artist tracks every month. Now is the time to look even further into the past one month at a time. And yes, the three best placements count for The Bias List's personal artist scorecard!

March 2013 General thoughts

Out of curiosity, I looked at my year-end dates and found that March was the month when most of the songs in my top ten were released over the past few years. That shocked me because I never really see March as a tough month. But as a gateway to the spring season, it probably makes sense.

March 2013 didn't deliver as many classics as some of the other months of the year, but it gave us some incredible highlights. This was an era of superproducers. By the end of March, Brave Brothers had already produced six title tracks. Sweetune had produced five. That could be a bad thing. After all, musical diversity is always better than monotony. But I happen to love both producers and they gave a real cult sound in 2013.

In particular, my love for Sweetune has had a huge impact on two of my top three picks. There are, however, a few honorable mentions that deserve additional praise. Lee His Rose is just as breathtaking today as it was then, and U-KISS's Standing Still is one of their most underrated tracks.

In March there was also the debut of the girls' group Ladies & # 39; Code and the subunit ZE: A Five (with a track by Brave Brothers, of course!). Both are great songs.


D-Unit – Face to Face (Video)

Double A (AA) – Come Back (Video)

Ladies' Code – Bad Girl (Video)

Lee Hi – It's Over / Rose (Video / Video)

RaNia – Just Go (Video)

U-KISS – Standstill (Video)

ZE: A Five – The Day We Broke Up (Video)


3. Heo Young Saeng – The Art of Seduction

2nd girls day – expectation

1. Infinite – Man in Love (Review)

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