Song Review: KARD – Gunshot

KARD had an incredible debut year and quickly became one of the liveliest acts of 2017 and one of the few modern day K-pop co-ed groups to grab attention. Since then, I've had a hard time connecting with their music. Too often it feels like they are morphing into concepts that benefit from a "badass" image rather than the fun, personality-rich sound that first made them famous. Gunshot is the latest KARD single that goes back to a darker palette and enchants its emotional theme with a K-Pop production by numbers.

The metaphor of words as hard as a shot has worked, though I must admit that I find it difficult to enjoy music that revolves around gun metaphors unless it's clearly caricatured and tongue-in-cheek and Cheek made. I appreciate the weight of the subjects they are dealing with and I am sure that they will connect in meaningful ways with many listeners. The presentation is not for me.

Musically, Gunshot follows the same general path as the last KARD singles. His instrumental depends on the drums, from trap hi-hats to thunderous – almost marching – band drums. It gains steam and energy in the last third of the track, adding a welcome intensity that drives Gunshot's emotions home. BM and J.Seph offer their robust, imposing flow, but singers Jiwoo and Somin are the song's MVPs. Gunshot doesn't offer much melody, but both women deliver powerful performances that add some drama to the track. Still, I don't see myself going back to that song very often. It is much more likely that I will enjoy Oh NaNa or Hola Hola for the hundredth time.

hook 7th
production 7th
longevity 7th
Pre-tensioning 7th


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