Song Review: Super Junior-D&E – B.A.D

The last time we heard from Donghae and Eunhyuk, they tried to convince us how dangerous they were. I wasn't entirely thrilled with the concept, but now they're back at B.A.D. – another attempt to position a bad boy. This time the feeling feels a bit more authentic, thanks to some musical touches that differ from the typical template for a raging group of boys.

B.A.D was composed by Donghae and writing partner J-Dub and combines retro influences with trendier trap flourishes. It's mostly successful, although I wish the guys would lean more in one direction. The track starts with a satisfying synth texture reminiscent of a talkbox. This returns later to underpin much of the choir. From here the first verse reveals a vaguely melodic sing-talk structure, supported by punchy synth and a sense of free-running energy.

After a restrained pre-chorus, we move into the two-part hook by B.A.D. The first half is a bit repetitive for my liking (I've never been a fan of spelling words and calling them a chorus), but the track is smart about including a livelier second hook. It's all very loud, but the instrumental frames it as such, so B.A.D never gets on the nerves. Even if the structure changes for verse two, the song retains much of its energy. Compared to a track like 2015's excellent Growing Pains, B.A.D feels pretty light. But Donghae and Eunhyuk's strong personalities help push the weaker moments forward, while a few great instrumental touches give it the character it takes to stand out.

hook 8th
production 8th
longevity 8th
Pre-tensioning 8th


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