Song Review: YooA (Oh My Girl) – Bon Voyage

We might deny it, but so much of our personal musical tastes arise from formative experiences – the genres and styles that you have been exposed to as a child or young adult. For me, part of this puzzle comes from the life circle of the Lion King. I will always love hearty vocals and big, punchy drums. It's basically built into my DNA. When I heard the teasers for YooA's solo debut, I was intrigued.

As the first solo Oh My Girl member to go solo, YooA has so much to offer. She is a bundle of charisma with a full range of skills as a performer. And I can't express how refreshing it is when she tackles a track that doesn't just bump up on the same sounds everyone else is selling this year. With Bon Voyage (숲 의 아이) she unearthed her old Deep Forest CDs (another formative experience for me) and took a trip into the valleys of Korea to meet nature again.

Visually, Bon Voyage almost feels like a reference to BoA's immortal Atlantis Princess, although the actual song has very different charms. It's the rare K-pop single that takes its time and places just as much emphasis on silence and space as it does on hooks and drops. The seeping synthesizer that underlies the verse is minimalist but effective and illuminates YooA's bright, clear vocals. Most of the production is canceled for the pre-chorus and we stay in the air for a longer than expected segment. This is a great stepping stone to Bon Voyage's chant-heavy chorus, boasting a sturdy delivery that is a satisfactory centerpiece. I think a secondary choir would have sent the track into the stratosphere (and given YooA more work to do), but I'm extremely delighted with the choices made here. There's no point in making a solo debut unless you're doing something different and Bon Voyage arrives with a character all of its own.

hook 8th
production 9
longevity 9
Pre-tensioning 9


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