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Since starting The Bias List in January 2016, I've looked back at my three favorite K-Pop artist tracks every month. Now is the time to look even further into the past one month at a time. And yes, the top three placements count towards The Bias List's personal artist scorecard!

June 2013 General Thoughts

After the epic comeback in May, June 2013 was a quirkier month. There certainly weren't that many A-list releases, although there was a debut in hindsight that would set the stage for incredibly successful things in the second half of the decade. Yes, this was the month that BTS made its debut. I never considered No More Dream an all-time classic, but rest assured it got my honorable mentions nonetheless.

It's funny though … If you'd asked me in June 2013 which debut group would have had the longest and most successful career, I would probably have said Boys Republic. I loved (and still love) their debut track Party Rock.

In June there were big releases from girls groups after school, Dal Shabet, Girl’s Day, Rainbow and Sistar – one of which made my top three. But it was another girl group track that was to become the biggest novelty hit in 2013. Crayon Pops Bar Bar Bar made its mark this month.

It was quieter on the front of the boy band, and many of the June releases were referred to low-budget, quasi-music videos that bypass the line between a real comeback and bonus efforts “for the fans”. An exception is MBLAQ's excellent, underrated smoky girl, who almost made it into my top 3.


A-Prince – My Lady (Video)

After School – First Love (Video)

Beast – I'm Sorry (Video)

Boys Republic – Party Rock (Video)

BTS – No More Dream (Video)

Chocolate – Black Tinkerbell (Video)

Dal Shabet – Be Ambitious (Video)

MBLAQ – Smoky Girl (Video)

Rainbow – Sunshine (Video)

Roy Kim – Love Love Love (Video)

Sistar – Give It To Me (Video)

100% – U only (video)

2eyes – don't mess with me (video)

4 minutes – is it poppin? (Video)


3. Crayon Pop – Bar Bar Bar

2. Henry Trap (ft. Kyuhyun & Taemin)

1st Girls' Day – President

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