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JOY from RED VELVET says "Hello" in their happy solo debut MV!

May 31st, RED VELVET& # 39; s JOY made her solo debut with her theme song and MV, & # 39; Hello & # 39;. Accompanying the track, she released her special album of the same name at the same time. The album is a cover album consisting of remakes of famous singers such as Hey, As One, Sung Sikyung, Kwon Jinwon and Toy. Check out the music video below!


Fans of older Korean music may recognize the track as it is a remake of the singer Park Hye Kyeong‘S 2003 single of the same Korean name (안녕 'annyeong' can mean both 'hello' and 'goodbye'). The text wants the listeners to forget and say goodbye to their sad and lonely days and instead welcome new mornings and beginnings. With the bright, tinny instrumental, the song goes well with the singer's cheerful, spring-like timbre. Together, this results in a perfectly packed package for the coming summer in Korea. The response was extremely positive, with her album topping the iTunes charts in 26 countries around the world. The lead single topped the local Genie music charts and is currently in the top 20 of all music streaming charts in the country.

While watching the music video, it starts when we see the girl in the group of girls wake up with a mess in her living room on the floor. After she has tidied up tirelessly, she then takes to the road in her van and drives under the sunny sky. She comes across a girl stranded on the street looking lost. With a colored pencil drawing in hand, she wants to return to her family.

The rest of the music video is full of healthy comfort as the two of them are in the area looking for their parents. When they ask the locals where they are in the drawing, they take part in mediation, campfire gadgets and even bring a dog along with them. The MV ends after a few days when the two find the little girl's parents. We hug her mother tightly and see the girl look sadly in the direction of the singer when her journey ends. However, in the last shot we see that the dog they hiked with has joined the girl's family.

JOY& # 39; s special album, & # 39; Hello & # 39; with the lead track of the same name is now available.

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