Song Of Summer Match-Up

Congratulations to Golden Child & # 39; s Let Me! As expected, yesterday's match-up against ATEEZ was close. Both fan bases came out, but Golden Child came by with 54.3% of the vote. And with that we have our finalists!

That's the big one, guys! Today we decide for the first Ultimate K-Pop Summer Song by The Bias List! Will it be SHINee's point of view or Golden Child & # 39; s Let Me? It's Senior Act vs. Junior Act in our biggest fight yet.

As always, the choice is yours. Feel free to endorse, cheerlead, close deals, etc. in the comments section.

The voting is open for 24 hours and the winner will be celebrated tomorrow!

Match-up Fifteen: Which track is the Ultimate Song of Summer?

– The Bias List (@nickajames) July 16, 2021

Bracket around 14

Like this:

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