Watch: TXT Wows With Their Synchronization In High-Energy “No Rules” Dance Practice Video

Mark your calendars: ONF is back!

On July 18 at midnight KST, ONF officially announced their plans for a comeback next month. The group returns to KST on August 9 with a "Summer Pop-Up Album" entitled "POPPING".

ONF have also released their first teaser for the upcoming album: a cute clip hinting at their refreshing concept for their upcoming summer comeback.

온앤 오프 (ONF)

? 여름 쏙!? # 온앤 오프 #ONF # 여름 쏙 #POPPING

Coming soon
2021. 8:21 p.m. 6

– 온앤 오프 (ONF) Officially (@ wm_on7off) July 17, 2021

Do you look forward to the return of ONF? Stay tuned for more teasers!

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