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Compared to last year, I've been a bit overwhelmed with Johnny & # 39; s Entertainment's 2021 releases so far. One bright spot was Snow Man, who quickly became one of my favorite acts in the agency. That has more to do with her ragged, selfless variety performances than her music, but January's Grandeur has proven to be a great breeder and is one of my top J-pop singles of the year so far.

While this song has a pounding dance-pop sound, the new single Hello Hello is way sweeter. In fact, the track could easily be described as "sugary" with both positive and negative connotations. In this case I find the sweetness an enrichment. Hello Hello finds a number of fantastic pop melodies and combines them with a string-supported instrumental that is light and buoyant without overdoing it.

I love the melody in Hellos' verse. The opening stanza unfolds very nicely, with a subtle singing that meanders through the contours of these strings. His sense of rhythm is lively and optimistic. Then the song brings guitar for a more bombastic bridge. This creates a great contrast and really gets Hello going. The catchy chorus can prove to be more polarizing as its hyper-melodic frame matches some of the cuter tendencies of J-pop. But here too I think the track does a wonderful job of harnessing this energy without tipping over into an uncomfortable position. It helps that his set of choruses feel so robust and well structured. Those looking for a higher-octane dance track should check out the driving b-side, YumYumYum (Spicy Girl).

hook 9
production 9
longevity 8th
Pre-tensioning 9

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